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Tracking Changes

Interesting in knowing when Wentworth's website is updated? Here are two ways to do this:

  1. Subscribe to the Subscribe to Wentworth, NH's RSS feed feed using your Web browser.

    Unfamiliar with RSS? Here are some articles that may help:

    How RSS Works, by HowStuffWorks.com.

    The Dummies series describes how to add an RSS feed to Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.

    Firefox has many RSS add-ons for their browser to track the feeds.

    Opera includes an RSS feed in their browser by default.

  2. Use a service like ChangeDetection.com, which will send you an e-mail when the website has been updated.

ChangeDetection.com will ask you for the specific page you want to monitor and what kinds of changes (added/deleted) you want to monitor.

Then, when the page is updated, ChangeDetection.com notifies you via e-mail.

View the ChangeDetection change log.

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More information about both of these services is on the Track Web Site Updates page.